Intelligent Video Platforms

Advantech offers a complete video capture card series, including SoC card, TI DSP video card, hybrid DVR/NVR, and Ethernet POE switch. Advantech provides diverse video capture encoder/decoder cards in SoC cards and TI DSP video cards, and a free, bundled A+ Software Development Kit (SDK). In video surveillance applications, Advantech PC-based digital video recorders (DVR) provide Tribrid functions which support analog, digital and IP cameras with H 264/ MPEG4 compression. Besides providing embedded video platforms/systems, Advantech provides comprehensive PC-based surveillance software solutions, including hybrid DVR/NVR, Ethernet POE switch, and Central Monitoring System (CMS). Advantech digital video surveillance can ideally be used in major critical surveillance applications such as retail, manufacturing, hospitality, logistics, education, banking, gaming, public safety, military, transportation and streaming media.